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Our History

In 2006, former BCCS President Karen Hughes met with a group of Bedford citizens to talk about creating a Christmas assistance program that would provide clothing, toys, household items, and food to low-income households in Bedford in a respectful and dignified manner. The result was the Bedford Community Christmas Station, Inc. 

That year, dedicated citizens donated their time, funds, and merchandise to make it possible to serve 262 families.

Karen Hughes
BCCS President


In 2008, a board member suggested that we offer workshops to the clients that had been accepted for Christmas assistance. Community members jumped at the opportunity to present workshops on topics like GED prep, personal finance, child safety, child nutrition, parenting tips, diabetes, dental health, stress management, etc. All 140 workshop slots were filled that year! Evaluations for these workshops were extremely positive, and a new tradition was established.

In May of 2013, we received communication from Mr. Earl Childers, a Bedford resident, asking if he could meet with our board to discuss how he could support our program. We were delighted when Mr. Childers offered to give us a building that would serve as our permanent home!

Beginning in 2013, when we moved into our current home, many more families have been provided with Easter goodies, new shoes for school-aged children, and food boxes through our year-round food pantry.

In 2015, our Billy’s Drummer Boy Campaign was created by the generous son of one of our board members.

By 2020, more than 4,000 Bedford County families have received assistance at Christmas time through the Christmas Station. 

Other “About Us” Information

Some Historical Pictures Showing the Growth of our Organization

Our first building!