Board of Directors

Lori Moorman – Co-President

I joined the BCCS Board of Directors in the Spring of 2011. That first year, I agreed to partner with Patty Brown as a co-department head for CSX boys clothing. Over the past nine years, I’ve served on all our committees, held the positions of Goods Committee Chair, Fundraising Committee Chair, Vice President, and am one of the Station Staffers.

Patty Brown – Co-President

I have been involved with BCCS since it became an organization in 2006. Since 2006, I have served as co-department head of the boy’s clothing department as well as head of public relations for 3 years, board secretary for 6 years, and have served on the fundraising, goods, and eligibility committees.

A Message from Lori and Patty

We’re excited about what lies ahead for BCCS and all that we can accomplish for the service of our community using the assets, talents, experience, and time offered by our excellent team of board members, department heads, committee chairs, and volunteers!

Board Members

Vice President – Kevin Turner

Administrative Recording Secretary – Patricia Robinson

Finance Director – Linda Zimmerman

Building Committee Chair – Kevin Turner

Eligibility Committee Chair – Jenifer Schier

Pantry Department Co-Chairs – Kevin Turner and Patricia Robinson

Fundraising Committee Co-Chairs – Lori Moorman and Patty Brown

Goods Committee Co-Chairs – Lori Moorman and Patty Brown

PR Committee Chair – Linda Zimmerman

Volunteer Coordinator Committee Co-Chairs – Lori Moorman and Patty Brown

Hospitality Committee Chair – Peggy Thompson

Auxiliary Members

  • Diana Brennan – CSX Christmas Corner Department Co-Head
  • Lillie Coleman – CSX Seniors and Disabled Adults Department Head
  • Mary Beth Kennedy and Chelsea Updike – CSX Children’s Clothing Department Co-Head
  • Sherrie Marino – CSX Infants and Toddlers Clothing Department Co-Head
  • Lynn Posid – CSX Household Department Co-Head
  • Susan Raper – CSX Household Department Co-Head and BCCS Grant Writer
  • Jenifer Schier – Programs Eligibility Committee Chair
  • Joyce Voelker – CSX Teen Gift Department Head
  • Haylee Wood and Sherri Wood – CSX Teen Clothing Department Co-Heads

Members at Large

Chrissy Brannan, Janet Carter, Stephanie Coughlan, Tim Heck, Sandy Mullins, Beverly Pickering, Elaine Robertson, Peggy Thompson

General Membership

Wanda Cooper, Sharon Clark, and Marian Kelly